Michael Gordon

Kick.com Has Ties to Stake, But Rumors Are the Streaming Platform Is Owned by the Casino

Kick has recently emerged as a new platform for streaming. Some major casino streamers, including Roshtein and Trainwreck, announced their move to Kick.com and talked about the platform’s bright future and many benefits it offers to creators.

There’s no information on who owns Kick.com but some think it’s crypto casino Stake. A popular internet detective, Coffeezilla, is confident the two companies are connected. He refers to a job listing which says that “Kick.com is a new project launched by Easygo and Stake founders”. Another argument he provides is that Kick had subreddit created and moderated by Stake accounts.

Kick casino streaming

The Kick’s 95/5 split announced by Trainwreck, further strengthened Coffezilla’s belief that the platform is owned by Stake. He says the split is “insane” and suggested it’s only possible because the casino will profit from the traffic coming from Kick. He also points out that winners of one of Stake promos will be drawn on live stream at Kick.com.

Official statement is that Stake owner, Eddie Craven, is just an advisor at Kick and not the owner. Trainwreck, who is one of the top Stake sponsored streamers, also claims to be a non-owner advisor at Kick.com.