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Dental Care: Why you should probably just keep putting it off.

Twisted Tropes is a webcomic created by Mike Howland of Howland Illustration for YOU! And anyone else who enjoys a good trope. Every week (well, almost...) a new strip is popped out hot and fresh from the dutch oven of Mike's mind. A description of the trope in question is included in the top left of every comic to help set the stage, and from there the twisting commences. Characters from any medium you might find a trope in are included, and typically change every week.

The comics are collected on Mike's DeviantArt page or in an album on Howland Illustration's Facebook page.

Twisted Tropes is drawn by hand, then color, speech-bubbles and text are added in Adobe Photoshop. The strip started on April 1st, 2015.

A list of tropes covered by this webcomic can be found on the Trivia page.


Twisted Tropes provides examples of:

  • Even the Dog Is Ashamed: Three panels of three dogs ashamed by their human's pursuits. The first dog doesn't approve that an officer disregards a danger warning, the second dog just stares in disbelief as he disapproves of a scientist who drew a chain of humans burring faces in other people's butts on the blackboard (a la The Human Centipede), and the last dog just facepalms when a guy draws a diagram, trying to split The Hobbit into three movies.
  • Facepalm: The last dog in the third panel for comic covering Even the Dog is Ashamed just buries his face in his paws. He's that ashamed that his human master wants to make three movies out of The Hobbit.
  • New Year's Resolution: The hero of this strip resolves to definitely escape from captivity this year. Early in the year. Definitely by late summer.
  • Villains Out Shopping: Cacodemons are angry, floating, one-eyed, demonic pieces of overripe fruit. In the webcomic, they enjoy shopping and try on some nice hats, they lovingly look at laptops and then cuddle with puppies.