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On TV Tropes, we have a content policy regarding porn and paedopandering.

What does it mean? A couple of things. Firstly, we don't want pages on works that consist entirely of explicit sex or other fetishistic stuff, with no story other than as a pretext for more fetishistic stuff. Secondly, we do not want pages on works that depict sexual activity between children in an explicit manner or in glorifying fashion. In particular, we don't want works with titillating references to sexual activity involving preteens. This is what we call "paedopandering". Keep this stuff off the wiki.


Because everybody draws the line at a different point, we require discussion on whether a given work page fails the abovementioned content policyFormerly we had a different procedure . The discussions take place in this forum; if the discussion concludes that a work violates this policy, its pages will be cut and locked. If you want to begin a conversation there about a page, click on "Report Page" in the sidebar, check the "The page may violate the Content Policy" box and put your concerns in the input box. Then hit "Submit". There are more detailed instructions here.

This policy only deals with work pages, forum threads and other items attached to them. Examples even from violating works are not within its scope. Nor does it deal with problematic page text - see No Lewdness, No Prudishness for that.


Oh yeah, a few more things. On Fanfic Recommendations pages, please do not recommend works that qualify as porn or which show explicit sexual activity involving people under 16 years of age. We are stricter with recommendations than with work pages.

Processed works are listed here:


Pages cut as part of the Hentai index purge

Pages cut as part of a general porn purge


Lock and Clean:

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Bleached Underpants Version Only:

Do Nothing:

Pages Appealed and restored:

Special cases:

Alternative Title(s): Content Policy, The Content Policy And The 5 P Circuit